Delta LG Poll: APC To Boycot Ughelli North And Ethiope East LGA Elections

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Delta LG Poll: APC To Boycot Ughelli North And Ethiope East LGA Elections

Earlier today, the leadership of Delta State APC made their stands known regarding the Local government council elections conducted by DSIEC on Saturday 6th January 2018.

In a press statement released by Delta state APC chairman, Prophet Jones Erhue he expressed displeasure over the outcome of the election which you will recall was overwhelmingly won by the PDP.

The Press release goes thus:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press
You will recall that two days ago, I addressed the press where I condemned the sham elections organised by the Okowa Government and his hand-picked DSIEC.

For the record, I want to reiterate that the elections purportedly organized by the Okowa led PDP government in the entire State was a fraud. The Okowa Government rigged his own election by confiscating all sensitive election materials including result sheets and then resorted to writing all the results and handing same to DSIEC to announce.

In the attempt by the APC to insist on all sensitive materials including result sheets be provided to allow a free and fair election, the PDP resorted to violence that was witnessed throughout the 25 LGAs of the State. In summary no elections took place anywhere in Delta state.

We demanded and still demand for a total cancellation of the sham
elections in all the twenty-five LGAs in Delta State. To purportedly direct for a re-run in only two LGAs, Ughelli North and Ethiope East, is a subterfuge for the validation and authentication of the sham elections in the other twenty-three LGAs.

In the circumstances, we therefore state as follows:

1. APC Delta State is and has always been prepared for the LGA elections.

2. We condemn the grotesque and brazen sabotage of the will of the
people of Delta State in the so-called election that Okowa and his lackeys in DSIEC organised last Saturday, January 6, 2018 in Delta

3. We demand for the cancellation of the sham elections in all the 25 LGAs in Delta State and not only in Ughelli North and Ethiope East.

4. We demand that Okowa and his DSIEC guarantee a free and fair election in a re-run that will take place in all the 25 LGAs of the

5. We will therefore not participate in the elections in the two LGAs fixed for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are prepared, willing, and ready to
participate in any free and fair election in all the 25 LGAs as the people of Delta State are ready to throw out the corrupt PDP government from Delta State, starting with the LGA elections.


Prophet Jones Erhue
Chairman, APC Delta State.

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