By Hon. Isaiah Osifo

I join Isi people in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo state, Nigeria, to thank God for the protection and sound health of Godwin Obaseki, in his one year as the governor of Edo state. I wish him same in his tenure as the governor of Edo state.

I am happy that l kept my pledge to my conscience and to the people of Isi, my clan and the town of Godwin Obaseki, to support the governor in prayers and good wishes and to give allowance of not less than one year before I can express my opinion on the governance of Edo state under the leadership of my community brother.

In this one year in office, His excellency Godwin Obaseki has been enjoying the silence of APC, its membership and leadership in Edo state. In a party Democracy, it is negative for an elected governor on the platform of a political party and his praise-singers to count the silence of his party as an achievement. The governor may not be aware of the implication, hence the glaring pleasure that he has been deriving from it.

It is usual and expected that some people will dismiss this opinion and deride the political class as non-consequential under a “Performing Governor”. It will equally be important to remind these praise-singers of the moral implication of the refusal of the governor to visit his community, Ike-Nisi, in Uhunmwode Local Government Area after one year of his inauguration as the governor of Edo state. The pleasure of APC silence and “This Too Busy ” to visit his community in full one year in office have moral and political implications.

The implications are obvious-A complete minus from his democratic credentials if he has any, isolation from the foundation of his office, which is destructive of political participation. Internal Democracy in a political party cannot grow without political participation. You cannot contribute to sustainable Democracy in Edo state or in Nigeria without political participation and Internal Democracy in your party.

However, there are areas that have been impressive in the performance of the governor-The conduct of the First School Leaving Certificate Examinations with less than 30 Million Naira as compared to over 200 Million Naira by the previous government is worthy of commendation.

I see the genuine intentions of the governor within his one year in office ,but the approach towards the realisation of many of these good intentions are either bogus or deliberately worked out as a propaganda piece to deceive Edo people.

Edo state government continue to sing with agriculture as its main policy thrust, but there is no infrastructure in the ministry of Agriculture or Edo State Agricultural Development  Project (ADP) to suggest that the government is serious with the development of agriculture in Edo state.

The governor should stay more at home and minimise his regular foreign trips in search of investors. This is a deliberate waste of public funds. If Edo state government must seek foreign support and investors, what we need is good governance at home and a designated Special Adviser that should make the trips when necessary.

I am equally concerned that the governor continue to keep sealed lips over the status of Adams Oshiomhole “five star” hospital in Benin City. Edo state government spent money and time to organise an elaborate ALAGHODARO Summit,but the same government is not worried over the billions of Naira of Edo money spent to build an abandoned hospital. This is clearly a contradiction and a bogus approach to attain a genuine intention.

I wish His excellency,the governor of Edo state ,Godwin Obaseki well.

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