On The Alleged Sponsored Pensioners Protest: Edo PDP Takes EDSG To The Cleaners

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On The Alleged Sponsored Pensioners Protest: Edo PDP Takes EDSG To The Cleaners.

“No matter the people’s disagreement with their government, it must never be pressured to the point of leading the way in insults” Oby Ezekwesili (2017)

The above quotation is an advice I believe the APC government in Edo State will do well to consider.  Calling pensioners “miscreants” and using other derogatory words is uncalled for and unbecoming.

“…the state government would henceforth prevent miscreants who under the guise of agitating for pension payment, disrupt law and order in the society, particularly when there is sufficient evidence showing that they are being sponsored by some anti-development agents and mischievous members of the opposition who have refused to accept the verdict of the people.” HOS, Mrs Gladys Idahor.

This quotation from the statement signed by the Head of Service Edo State is unkind, mischievous, diversionary, ill-thought out and unacceptable. Since she lacked the courage to present the sufficient evidence she boasts she has showing that the protests are being sponsored by members of the opposition, I will not push to demand for such!. However, I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she was not referring to us, Edo PDP!

The pensioners are demanding for their legitimate entitlements and you want to cow them, just like you have done to the executive directors who served in the last administration who even though their entitlements have been approved, your government instead made huge payment to “friends of Adams Oshiomhole” because they allegedly helped you to skew narratives from Edo State.

It is fascinating to know that this government has paid over N6b to retirees in the last 8 months according to the HOS, Mrs Gladys Idahor. What she didn’t tell us is how many pensioners in the state and local government that the figure of N6b took care of and how many months arrears it cleared.

Signing press releases and antagonizing pensioners that are requesting for their legitimate entitlements won’t change the fact that you owe them and that you have failed in managing their situation. What is required now is empathy with the pensioners and remorse from a government that has botched the pensions payment system.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability Edo people would like answers to:

1. How many pensioners are there in Edo State ( State and Local government) as at August 31, 2017

2. How much is Edo State government owing pensioners ( State and Local government) as at August 31, 2017

3. How many months is EDSG in arrears regarding pensioners as at August 31, 2017.

These figures are necessary as it seems the pensions payment is looking more and more like a bottomless pit even as those supposed to be beneficiaries are denied their entitlements.

“Let FG KNOW that GOVERNANCE TODAY can NEVER be as it was even last year because EVERYDAY citizens of all COUNTRIES USE THEIR VOICES MORE”. Oby Ezekwesili (2017)

I believe EDSG needs to know this too!


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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