Edo Pensioners Debunks Govt Alleged Sponsored Protest/Apology


Edo Pensioners Debunks Govt Alleged Sponsored Protest/Apology.

….Calls Edo Govt Rumour Mongers

Aggrieved Pensioners in Edo State today through their Chairman debunked Government’s claimed sponsored protest by Edo pensioners.

Speaking with News Men in Benin City today, Comrade Mike Oloiki who is the Chairman of the most aggrieved Pensioners in Edo State stated that Government was not only economical with the truth, very deceptive, but also very mischievous. He questioned the rational behind such fake news by Government who by their action is trying to paint pensioners black and cause rift in the progress made so far with the Government/Pensioners agreements, stating that the planned protest for today was put on hold because of their planned meeting with Government as arranged.

He decried the misuse of words by the government and described it as uncivilised propaganda strategy.  He stated that the clip referred to by the current Government as apology, to be an old clip during the Comrade Adams Administration and that the two comrades referred to as responsible for the so-called dissociation were not and would not have by any means be involved in such disclaimer, as one of them had since travelled and the other unavoidably incommunicado.

The Pensioners sued for genuine discuss between Government and them. He further stated that Edo Pensioners were still ready to dialogue irrespective of Government failures, deceit and irresponsive attitude towards resolving the lingering pensioners unpaid arrears and entitlements.

The pensioners requested the Head of Service of the State to amongst others;

1. Tender an unreserved apologies to the Senior Citizens she earlier called derogatory names

2. Publish openly to the world the actual number of months owed Pensioners for the avoidance of doubts.

3. Identify and clear whether Edo Pensioners are fake or not.

4. Come out open on who sponsored, where, when and produce fact to their illusive claim.

5. Make public details of disbursement made with the Paris club money.

The Edo Pensioners appeals to Government to pay up their owed monthly take in order to end the crisis, stating that those you see on the streets are the sincere pensioners who served without blemish or stealing from anyone or government in their years of service.

Mr Mike Oloiki thanked the Deputy Governor for his sincere attempt to resolving the lingering crisis between them and Government.

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