Protest Disrupts Obaseki’s Visit To Esan Central 


Protest Disrupts Obaseki’s Visit To Esan Central

By James Samuel Omede, Irrua.

THE rather belated “Thank You” visit by Edo State governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, coming about one year after assuming office, was marred with rowdy protests at Irrua Tuesday.

The youths of the locality came out in their numbers angrily protesting the perceived marginalisation of Esanland in the scheme of things in Edo State.

They also protested the bad roads and lack of public utilities in the locality and blamed Obaseki and the APC for orchestrating a political and economic ostracism of the Esan people, with particular reference to their communities.

They also accused the governor of disrespect of the Esan people because he kept the people waiting from early morning to late in the evening.

Although the governor gave the excuse that he had to attend the Southern Governor submit in Lagos but many youths disagreed claiming that the Southern Governors meeting was the previous day.

There was however no violence and the security agencies ensured that the protesters behaved orderly.

The youths branded placards and t-shirts denouncing the APC and the government for paying lip service to their welfare.

Esan Central is the home base of APC State Chairman, Barr Anselm Ojezua and also home to a former Speaker who demoted himself to Deputy Speaker, betraying his Esan people into losing the Speakership position, Hon Victor Edoror.

The belated “Thank You” visit continues.


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