By Jeffery Igbinigie

“Our governments are alike in so many ways, they only differ in their methods of disappointing. If President Buhari fails to act on Barugate – to make a transparent decision and not make governance seem like a secret cult as he did when CBN scandal happened, when NIS scandal happened, when Shiite killings happened, when SGF scandal happened, when IDP bombing happened, and when IPOB went south – then he has submitted himself for documenting in a chapter of our history that may be fairly cruel to him”- Gimba Kakanda


Our leaders in Nigeria and for reasons best known to them treat entire citizenry with contempt, derision, disdain, disrespect and scorn.

As soon as our leaders assume power,they tend to assume an air as if the citizens are unworthy of their consideration or respect treating them with aloofness, arrogance, condescension, haughtiness and indifference.

Feedback mechanisms is a tool for leaders to appraise, appreciate, assess and understand the sentiments of their citizens, reevaluate and proffer solutions from that exercise.

During Goodluck Jonathan era,he was told to remove Diezani Allison-Maduekwe from his cabinet being the only albatross hanging on his neck, but for reasons best known to him,he decided to retain her until the final straw, we all saw how it ended.

Same scenario is building up now,Abba Kyari the Chief of Staff is the weakest link in this administration, for reasons best known to PMB also, he is retaining him with a measured gusto of aloofness and indifference, ignoring and scorning wise counsel of Nigerians .

Don’t we all know how the whole thing will pan out,citizens has only one chance to wield their own power and he who laughs last,laughs best.

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