Kogi: PDP Youths Lambast Governor Bello’s Aide, Calls Him A Political Underdog 


Kogi: PDP Youths Lambast Governor Bello’s Aide, Calls Him A Political Underdog

Comrade Austin Okai

For daring to challenge former governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, PDP youths frontiers has described Kingsley Fanwo as a political underdog who does not know his bearing but only using the media as a cover up.

A statement issued to media men by the group coordinator ,Comrade Austin Okai, described the governors media aide as jack of all trade,will end up as master of none,‎reminding him of his freelance days at the former deputy governors office

PDP youths recalled during the campaign for the reelection of the former governor ,‎Capt Idris Wada, and the roles of media tout and gate crasher played by Fanwo and was eventually accredited to join the campaign team

He challenged the governors media aide to a public debate on the extent of his political affiliations through former kogi deputy governor,Yomi Awoniyi and his loyalty to PDP until the turn of events using media as his platform.

‘This is kingsley Fanwo‎ that was floating an award winning tabloid ‘The bedrock’criss crossing offices of political appointees and disguised as strongly rooted PDP loyalists now turned to advocate of the counterfeited change mantra that had impoverished kogians and average Nigerian’

‘Fanwo an adjunct and unsolicited correspondent of the Vanguard newspaper recruited under the tutelage of attracting more patronage to the tabloid that was glaringly not forthcoming only to revert to mere office boy is now a gut’

For daring to challenge the former governor,it is crystal clear that he is in the class of untrained ,uncultured and rash individual that lacks the basic orientation of his offshoots that have so much respect for the elderly one‎s ,no matter whose ox is gored.

According to Okai, he needn’t tarry to respond to political statements that boarders on the integrity of his avarice pay masters and their dwindling political pedigree,as his response is tantamount to crying wolf of already drowning mortal

Comrade Okai revealed that the multiple level of popularity garnered in the last two years of the new administration by the PDP in view of the just concluded ward and local government congresses through the scramble for political offices at this level,will be a sort of nightmare to the APC led government in kogi

The social blogger agreed they are running a government,but confronted them to census and samples  of people’s opinion particularly kogians on the level of pains ,set backs, deaths,deprivation of people hitherto living a life worthy of emulation to playing pranks with their welfare.


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