Barrister Kabir’s Declaration: A Paradigm Shift.


Barrister Kabir’s Declaration: A Paradigm Shift.

By Mr Alex Agbo

On Monday the 9th of October, 2017, the conference hall of the Grand Ibro Hotel, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja was packed full with expectant PDP supporters and members of the Nigerian public. From the look of expectations on their faces, on could tell that the masses need a new direction, a new paradigm and an avant gande in the operations of the New People’s Democratic Party, as an opposition party and the hop of the common man.

At exactly 13h30, Barrister Mohammed Usman Kabir walked into the hall with dignitaries from all walks of life, and from across the country. What is most spectacular is that the youths who are not often given a place to express themselves in Nigeria were given almost half an hour to say why they think the barrister is the best.

He is a lawyer of many years standing, as well as the PDP’s strongman in sensitive positions both at state and national levels, he was the legal adviser of the PDP North Central Zone, from 2008 to 2015. He is also an academic. He was the chairman of the Governing Council of the Federal Polytechnic, Idah, Kogi State between 2013 and 2016.

Barrister Kabir is contesting for the post of the National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. The office of the NPS of a political party is arguably one of, if not the most sensitive office in the party. It is so because the image of the party is seen through the composure, effectiveness and delivery of the NPS. He is the interface between the people and the party. It is through his eyes that the people see the party. His efficiency or otherwise would go a long way to affect the fortunes of the party in elections.

A successful NPS needs focus and integrity. He needs courage and determination to forge through attritions and persecutions. It is even more difficult when the political party is in opposition. Without access to public media outlets which of course we know are property of the government in Africa, as well as unreasonable censorship, the NPS is faced with an uphill task.

Integrity, they say, cannot be bought in the market as you would buy groundnuts. It is achieved.  it is not hereditary nor contagious. It is earned. A respectable NPS at this time needs to be a man who has achieved his integrity by purely a dint of hard work. One whose character is unimpeachable.

Those who spoke at the event gave one testimony in common about the man, Barrister Kabir. They all agreed he is a man of integrity, one who says what he means and means what he says. Indeed, a senator from his native Kogi State, Attayi Aidoko stated that he is a reliable man per excellence. Being a man of few words, one does not expect anything less from him.

Personally, I have had to be with him on two or more occasions and one thing that kept resonating throughout our meetings was way the forward in nation building. Such a man is the icon the opposition needs to rally patriotic elements for national rebirth.

During his declaration speech, he made some key statements which also include his 9-point Agnda for the office of the NPS. I call that the famous 9-point speech. In it he outlined the various strategies to be adopted to effectively deliver accurate and unbiased information to Nigerians. In this era of mendacity, junk news, mass media deceit and social media confusion, the astute information manager has put out the following [which I summarised] together to awake the giant party from her sleep.

These are going to put the ruling party into the opposition if adequately utilized.

1. All sectors of the media industries are going to have constant interaction with him

2. The PDP Hqtrs is going to have a standing social media group for effective information management.

3. Initiating the ‘PDP speaks’ TV series to showcase the party’s development efforts across Nigeria.

4. One month one state social media tour.

5. A monthly State of the Nation TV series to publicize party activities.

6. Party members in the rural areas are also not left out as they would have media sensitization materials to keep the abreast of party affairs.

7. Each closing year would be evaluated by convening a media parley to showcase the party’s activities.

8. Inauguration of the PDP annual “Hall of Fame’ to honour performing party members.

9. There shall be a 10- hour working call center to keep the masses abreast of party manifesto and policy information.

The foregoing are just excellent innovations in information management which is first of its kind. With such a man at this time, the PDP can say ‘Power to the People!’ with all confidence

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