We Are Going To Russia To Find Marvodi, Not World Cup – MMM Participants


We Are Going To Russia To Find Marvodi, Not World Cup – MMM Participants

Some Nigerians who were scammed by the pyramid scheme called MMM have reportedly said they are going to Russia and has nothing to do with the World Cup but to use the opportunity to enter the country to look for MMM founder.

MMM scheme has rendered thousands of Nigerians poor due to the collapse of the scheme, as many citizens invested their life savings while other used borrowed funds to invest into the scheme, hundreds of millions of Naira were lost by Nigerians despite severe warning by the Central Bank and other financial experts, WAILERSNG.com can report.

Nigeria qualifying for World Cup seems to be a blessing for the aggrieved marvodians who have been gathering momentum to storm Russia in their hundreds to trace the headquarter of the organization with the hope of recovering their funds.

When MMM was about to finally collapse in December 2016, all the accounts were placed on hold, the action sent panic to participants, several efforts were made to reach out to cell leaders of the scheme in the country, many of them became untraceable.

Nigerians are still nursing the bruise suffered as a result of MMM collapse while some of participants are determined to do all they are capable of doing to recover their funds which has prompted them to consider the option of going to Russia to find Marvodi, the founder of MMM pyramid scheme.


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