CHAIRMANSHIP: PDP, No To Micro-zoning


CHAIRMANSHIP: PDP, No To Micro-zoning

By Emmanuel Iriogbe

As the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, prepares for its elective convention sometimes in December this year, there are palpable fears that the party may resort to mistakes and regime of impunity that made the change slogan of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to have gained the momentum that led to the victory of the latter at the 2015 general elections.

Stakeholders are stating in unambiguous language that the field must be left to every qualified aspirants to go for elections during the convention unhindered.

In this regard, there is consensus of opinion that the chairmanship of the party that has been zoned to the South should be left for all candidates from the 3 geo-political zones in the South to try their luck irrespective of the zone they come from.

Just like the North that has thrown the presidency opened to all interested candidates from the 3 zones up North; same should be replicated by the South on who emerges the Chairman of the party.

The party must put its foot down and say no to proponents of micro- zoning. To tow the line  of proponents of micro-zoning will spell doom for the convention and the party. It is understood that those in support of micro-zoning are bent on foisting their preferred candidate on the party as they have perfected moves to also micro zone positions they want a particular candidate to get at all costs to their state where they already have a willing tool in a candidate.

The import of micro-zoning the chairmanship will amount to reinventing the impunity that has not done the party any good in the past.

PDP must be wrestled from the so-called elders/leaders and given back to the people who represent the true owners of the party that can be aptly referred to as a Mass Movement.

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