APC Failed Nigerians — PDP Chieftain


APC Failed Nigerians — PDP Chieftain

By Saawua Terzungwe

A chieftain of the PDP, Barrister Mohammed Kabiru Usman, has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) has failed Nigerians by not fulfilling its campaign pledges.

He said from education, healthcare, infrastructure to economic diversification, human capacity development, values and ethics, the government performed low.

In a statement, yesterday in Abuja, Usman also said financial probity, anti-corruption war, unemployment and security had not been properly addressed.

“The official creed of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government of the APC is propaganda first, every other thing much later.

“It can therefore be stated clearly that so much has gone wrong with Nigeria under the watch of this current leadership, which pays lip service to the execution of just every social contract, the basis of which it was elected by some Nigerians,” Usman said.

Usman claimed that the President Buhari-led government was unprepared.

The former legal adviser noted that it remained to be explained why under the APC, unemployment had risen to nearly 15 per cent with the finance and telecommunications sectors leading with massive job cuts.

Usman said if government desired to tame insecurity, it should provide employment and opportunities for small and medium scale enterprises to thrive.

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