We Are Impressed With Care About Climate Nigeria Says Edo Commissioner


We Are Impressed With Care About Climate Nigeria Says Edo Commissioner

Care About Climate an international non-profit organization whose primary responsibility is to educate, facilitate programs and projects aimed at deliberately curbing the menace of climate change as evidenced in the increased rate of reoccurring natural disasters, today embarked on a courtesy visit to the Commissioner for environment and sustainability to discuss issues that bothers on having a more greener environment in Edo State.

The visit commenced  a with formal introduction of Care About Climate ambassadors humbly led by the Nigeria project manager Comrade Iyobosa Irughe. Immediately, the commissioner Mr Reginald Okun welcomed the team and equally introduced his team made up of the ministry’s permanent secretary in company with other directors.

During the project manager’s address Comrade Iyobosa Irughe appreciated, the Executive Governor of Edo State for honouring their request through the Honourable Commissioner for Environment, Edo State. “We are indeed grateful for your invitation and willingness to listen to us as we have taken it upon ourselves to educate the public about the dangers of climatic change especially orchestrated by man’s own activities”.

The Project manager, inundated the Commissioner about  organization which has its headquarters in the United States of America and operates in tandem with the Paris Agreement  by employing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) signed on the 22nd of April, 2016, in  New York and taking effect on 4th November same year.

He added that, this agreement is aimed at reducing the consumption rate of fossil fuels and release of green house gases such as carbon IV oxide which have led to the rise in global temperature over time. Care About Climate supports this agreement. Educating the locals on the need to cut down on the consumption of fossil fuels and the encouragement of tree planting remains imperative.

He however eulogised the Governor’s recent effort towards sanitizing the state.

Furthermore, in ensuring that the environment we live in is preserved, he informed the commissioner about the organisations event slated for 1st of November 2017, with which intends to sensitize residents of Edo state. As a prelude, and having volunteered time, talents and treasures, he called for government’s collaboration in the following areas:

1. Provision of airtime on radio, and television for awareness campaigns using giggles and videos on climate change, impacts and sustainability.

This is in addition to the campaign on the new media

2. Provision of logistic supports to enable us carry out voluntary tree planting exercises at designated areas approved by the government;

3. Approval for the formation and inauguration of environmental clubs in secondary schools.

4. Our availability and readiness in times of emergency, in areas affected by flood and other natural disasters.

He emphatically,  pledged the commitment and willingness of Care About Climate to work tirelessly with the government who cannot do it alone.

In response, the commissioner applauded the efforts of the organization. He also expressed his amazement over young persons in the team, so passionate about having a greener environment. He also spoke about the achievements of the ministry as regards securing our environment.

Concluding, the commissioner expressed government’s willingness to partner with Care About Climate Team in ameliorating the enumerated challenges battling our environment.

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