By Jeffery Igbinigie

“The party APC led by John Oyegun is weak and unprincipled, they are a failure”- Prof Itse Sagay

“Prof Itse Sagay is “Rogue Elephant,” in his sheer arrogance, the PACAC chairman forgot that it was impossible for him to call out the leadership of the party as “weak” and “unprincipled” without indicting the president, who is the leader of the party”- Bolaji Abdulahi (APC Publicity Secretary)

“I am an accomplished man long before any appointment. I am not a “come and chop” politician like you lot. My loyalty is to the President and not to the party which has continued to fail under the leadership of Chief John Odigie-Oyegun”- Prof Itself Sagay Presidential Aide PACAC Chairman


The war of words between the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun through his Publicity Secretary, and Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-corruption (PACAC), Professor Itse Sagay (SAN), has continued unabated with both men resorting to derogatory words.

On 16th September 2017 I wrote a post titled ” SITUATION REPORT” and made it clear that the cohesion and unity in APC which heralded victory in 2015 general election against Goodluck Jonathan is gradually eroding.

Some “People” with unbridled sycophancy running in their blood stream,who knows nothing about politics and politicking descended on me heavily, raining expletives on me,”Oh your criticism is all because you are not rewarded with appointment or multi billion contract.

Well can anyone explain to me and rationalise the “roforofo” fights between elders of the party and people who are grandfather’s in their families descending so low and employing gutter language to engage each other, still some simpletons can not decipher and make inference from the brickbats, what a shame.

One thing is clear Prof Itself Sagay is not a politician and should be cautioned by PMB who appointed him. The learned Professor is like a bull in china shop,being a Presidential Aide does not confer on him the license to insult anyone which he started since he was appointed August 2015 .

Anyway from the time PMB won election in April 2015 a knowledgeable man gave me a list of people who should never be close to seat of power, one conspicuous name on that list is Prof Itself Sagay and another is a lawyer, in all there are about 8 of them in total.

Secondly,APC NEC and NWC led by Chief John Oyegun also have a share in the blame. We have been shouting daily like prophets at dawn that the party structure is very weak, No constituted BOT, the NEC and NWC meetings are irregular, thereby leading to usurpation of their powers by the Presidency.

I have a very simple question, on what political platform is President Muhammad Buhari planning to contest in 2019? if an appointed Presidential Aide who contributed nothing to the success of the party during election can wilfully castigate and denigrate a whole Party Chairman and no one is cautioning him or at best reined him.

The Political future which is pregnant will be very interesting, walahi!!!

Just thinking

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