By Jeffrey Igbinigie

“I personally made that observation two years ago and I came under much fire from the corridors of power but I’m here again criticizing.

I have so far been vindicated in terms of the quality of people he picked as operators of the government, either at ministerial level, or institutional level.

Their quality has failed to measure or meet the yearnings and expectations of Nigerians”- Prof Ango Abdulahi


After a year of most ministers in the saddle,I wrote a series “MINISTERIAL ASSESSMENT” some  known hypocrite and unbridled sycophancy running in their veins came to attack me on social media.

Its obvious that many of the ministers in present administration are not performing and at best many of them are not square pegs in round holes.

Trust “viju milk” analysts due to sycophantic tendencies and hypocritical stance to counter the popular position that qualifications and experience are irrelevant in placing an appointee in a certain ministry and allotment of portfolios .

How can Sen Dr Chris Ngige appointment be rationalised and justified as Labour Minister. He is a trained Medical Doctor what experience does he have in Labour Laws and issues.

Kayode Fayemi has PhD War Strategy,how plausible is it to rationalise his appointment in Solid Minerals when he has no background in Geology,Geophysics, Metallurgical Engineering etc.

Babatunde Fashola is a trained Lawyer,how is it possible for him to perform excellently in a Scientific and Technical Ministry like Ministry of Power,Works and Housing.

The list is actually endless and the rumor out there is that President Muhammad Buhari wants to reshuffle,rejig and recalibrate his cabinet shortly,some of the Ministers are brilliant but wrongly placed,so they can be appropriately placed and some of them who are less visible need to be excused totally from the cabinet.


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