However, when the Buharists rush to make a stake on 2019, they naively assume that the spatial circumstances presented by Jonathan’s fumbling and wobbling and the golden national coalition of contrarians that made the Muhammadu Buhari victory possible in 2015 remain intact. Only those luxuriating in fool’s paradise reason like that. Were Muhammad Buhari’s charm enough, his presidency would have materialized much earlier.

For now, it will be an abuse of language to term what remains of APC a political party. At best, it is a caricature of one. While common antipathy against Goodluck Jonathan helped rally the disparate tendencies against PDP in 2015, as events have since proved, a political union only endures when not only the values are shared, but the victory spoils as well.

By opting to enshrine provincialism instead of cosmopolitanism as governance model ever since, the ruling faction in APC has only ended up inflicting a paralysis of sorts not just on itself, but also the nation at large. The arrogance of power will not pre-dispose the new potentate to seek, much less accept better ideas”- Louis Odion


For a long time now i have been asking for the lopsided situation to be addressed and change of approach by people in Presidency, some of my friends misconstrued my position and stand, some averred i write because i have not been rewarded. This will interest you.

Wife of President Aisha Buhari complained about the unfortunate situation, same sentiment was echoed by Gov Nasir El- Rufai, recently APC Chairman John Oyegun added his own voice just like many folks in APC,some are quiet,waiting and watching to bare their fangs in the run up to 2019 general election.

Some of my friends and colleagues has a contrary opinion to my approach and constant criticism, even during the recent meeting at Presidential Sallah Lunch some weeks back, some one told one of my leaders, he wondered aloud that “Jeff  have access, so why don’t he present his observation and criticism through back channel”.

From experience i realised its better you state your stand clearly, so when the shit hits the fan,you will come out in fresh colors. that explain my stand.

Sounding repeatedly like a broken record in online and mainstream media on same issue is only to alert the slumbering folks filled with lethargy and arrogance of power whereas we all know power is transient and transitory .Hopefully, some people will wake up and smell the brewing Arabic or Colombian coffee .


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