Biafra: A Case Of Imperfect Timing


Biafra: A Case Of Imperfect Timing

One of the greatest value I ‘ve always conveted is to be able to discern things and know the way they should go. In 1 Chronicle 12vs32, “And of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs; and all their kinsmen were under their command;”

Wondering where this leads? Okay, it is a simple dose for my Biafran brothers and sisters. I don’t support, neither do I condemn your agitation for self determination being your right as a group of people.

By provisions of international charters, you ‘ve the right to agitate to stay out of the arrangement of the white colonial overlords who saw what was right but gave our people a dangerous and uncomfortable marriage nicknamed Nigeria. I am certain there could ‘ve been a better way to make us stand than stocking us a one nation.

Howbeit,  my dearest concern as it stand now is that the timing for this agitation may be one done outside deep consideration.  Biafrans ‘re asking for freedom from a military junta who do not believe such is/ or can ever be possible.

In Latin, there is a maxim quoted as Nemo dat quod non habet which literally mean no one can give what he does not posses. I am sure the Biafran eggheads did not look at the man they desired freedom from before launching the agitation.

President Mohammadu Buhari in my view is the worse person from the northern extraction to discus such salient issue with. He is one Nigeria leader who do not care what becomes of the people from any of his action. He is military, a secessionist and  extremely religious. He would ‘ve the whole of South East burned down if you don’t deal carefully with him.

I will enjoin supporters and agitators of the Biafran nation to rather trend with care instead of hoping that the fulani warlord would become civil for your sake.

I ask that you make lesser widows, fatherless children, deserted communities and wrecked destinies by applying wisdom as the sons of Issachar would do.

“Fight for what you think is yours but take wisdom along with you when you go to war”.

Baron Mike (SAGG) writes from Benin.

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