9th December 2014 was the day for APC Presidential Primaries at Teslim Balogun Stadium Surulere Lagos.

I decided to drop this little note to present the staying power and strength of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as a politician,waving his presidential aspiration off and assuming he is no political threat today indicates many has no inkling about the man and need to learn one or two things about him.

My little experience during the primaries revealed so much to me and most especially his attention to little details, teamwork organisational skills, human and material resources management .

Eve of the presidential primaries Atiku Abubakar banners, posters and memorabilia were all over the venue,whereas Buhari campaign has none that evening because most people and supporters rather than be on the field working prefer to be ensconced at Buhari Campaign Office off Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island,so they were stuck there because of the huge traffic gridlock on Apongbon and Western Avenue and to make their way to Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere was pretty difficult .

At Buhari Support Organization BSO,our Commad & Control Centre was at Splendour Hotel Ilupeju,we decided to be on the other side of the venue and travelling against traffic,but we began to panic,moreso all the printers in Mushin,Onipanu and Palmgrove axis are totally committed to Atiku Abubakar printing project, they were still printing and pasting all over Lagos .

Femi Ogunsanwo  and a colleague Ibrahim B. Dauda went to a printing company he was close to the CEO and have to beg him to stop Atiku Abubakar printing job which was about N5million and he need to take our own which was just 500k or thereabout and the guy delivered due to his friendship with Femi within hours .

Lagos State government sensing the outrage that Buhari campaign posters were not on display mandated Lagos State Printing Press to deliver impromptu. Atiku Abubakar posters were everywhere with some floating and flying balloons in the sky depicting his image and messages,you have to doff your hat for his team for their organizational skill,campaign,coordination and work ethic.

Very late that night when BSO decided to go and paste our principals posters,we saw Former Gov Babatunde Fashola leading other Lagos state government official’s in the pasting of Muhammad Buhari posters. Around midnight former Deputy Governor Adejoke Adefulire-Orelope took over and most of Atiku posters everywhere adorning conspicuous positions were shifted to accommodate Muhammad Buhari own.

From eve and on the day of primaries,we got snippets that Atiku camp was giving out US Dollars to induce delegates. From Femi findings as Head of Special Duties, we were told that Otunba Oyewole Fasawe was the one coordinating the whole show for Atiku.

What we did at BSO was to send Bulk SMS to all the delegates,most especially the ones identified as Atiku Abubakar core loyalists and stronghold that we at Buhari camp knew they have collected certain amount of USDollars, the whole sting operation was coordinated by one Professor who was Head of Research & Strategy at BSO, this Intel got many of the delegates scared and about 2,300 decided to abscond and not vote that very day.

People often wonder why suspended SGF became so relevant in Buhari camp,aside the fact that he was Head of Presidential Advisory Council,also the National Coordinator of Buhari Campaign Organization BCO, he was the one who perfected a counter strategy with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Rotimi Amaechi among the top political players, against Atiku Abubakar political machinery.

Accredited delegates for APC Presidential Primaries was a little over 8,000 so when you now deduct about 2,300 delegates who are meant to vote for Atiku Abubakar but decided to abscond then you will realise that Atiku Abubakar presidential aspiration cannot be toyed with in anyway and at anytime.

One other funny feature during the primaries took place, Buhari camp through Buhari Support Organization distributed Manifestoes and Fact File of Gen Muhammad Buhari to all the delegates, friends who are in Rabiu Kwankwaso and Atiku Abubakar camps, were making fun of me “drop, these yeye book, come and collect $$$$ from our camps”, but I was in too deep with Muhammad Buhari aspiration and project. Incidentally, all of them are from core north, not too disposed to Buhari presidential aspiration then, and now they are all holding political positions today (deduce and infer from that little info) they still make fun of me till date, “when people dey collect Dollars for Lagos, na one yeye paper ,You dey distribute all over the place”.

December 2018 the date for another Presidential Primaries will soon be here and its just about 15 months away, how prepared is Buhari camp, whether Mr President will go for reelection or he will anoint a successor is still subject of speculation,how prepared are they to face a coordinated campaign structure of Atiku Abubakar.

Finally,let me drop this snippet here,the foot soldiers in Buhari camp are totally disenchanted, their labor of love and sacrifice to enthrone present administration remain unrewarded.

Just thinking

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