By Tony Erha


It is no longer news that Hon Elizabeth Uyinmwen Ativie, Uhunmwode LGA representative in the Edo State Assembly, has been impeached as deputy speaker of the house in a chaotic session, better described as a state of “filaga filogo” (fighting with chairs, broken bottles etc.), with apologies to the verbose Igodomigodo.


What is now news and a twist to the gangsterism sack of Mrs. Ativie and some of the house’s principals, is that Mrs Ativie has publicly turned down the summon by the House Clerk to return to the house 4 state-of-the-art vehicles said to be officially attached to her former office of deputy speaker.



Tacitly, is Ativie, the only woman in the House, admitting as true the deluge of accusations that her previous “relinquishment” of the position of speaker of the same house, was as a result of a tradeoff, involving the executive arm of government, with huge sums of monies and booties at the expense of Edo taxpayers?


Has Ativie not corroborated the incessant allegation that the erstwhile Edo house of lawmakers were mere traders and rubber stamps before the l executive arm, in the discharge of its supposedly legislative duties , which has aided poor governance and scanty democracy dividends?


But all along the complaints of the like of Ativie is that ex-Governor Oshiomhole had so much impoverished them and their constituencies/constituents, the reason they adduced for the inadequate or lack of government’s presence in their LGAs or wards.


The Ativie’s media outbursts on the cars’ gift, is likened to when a pilferer admits to ‘taking’ only a yam from a full barn, where all the yams had disappeared!


But, the fleecing of Uhunmwode and its rustic and poverty-ridden villages, which Ativie vowed to transform, has made the poor people to vote her consecutively.


Ironically,  her admittances of having been dashed (or induced?) with 4 expensive vehicles (added to many others in her fleet), could make Uhunmwode voters spit more at her bearings).


Ativie’s three tenures in the house are many years eaten by the locusts. There is nothing to show for it. As she is the worst performer amongst the 24 Edo lawmakers, so is her Uhunmwode constituency the most backward. Her presence has largely turned “Uhunmwode” (meaning centre of development) to “Iyekode” (underdeveloped) Come to the LGA, where abject poverty and squalor abound!


The cries and agonies of the people  had reached such a high pitch when a visiting Oba Of Benin, Oba Ewuare II queried the people at Ehor, Uhunmwode headquarters about what development the like of Ativie have brought to the area.


Simply put, the average politician from Uhunmwoe is greedy and not keen on developing the villages they came from. To them, their voters are nothing but mere hoes, which are kept at the doorsteps or permanently in the barn, until season after season after every digging. That is why most Uhunmwode political office holders come to them only during elections.


To most Uhunmwode politicians, their villages are mere farmlands that are harvested and abandoned, again and again.



Presently, there is no easily motorable roads, electricity etc. to/in all the villages of Irhue Ward 4, where Ativie comes from. The only 5km earth road leading to her Orhua village, from  the tarred roads at Iruekpen is mostly graded by the poor villagers, only for Ativie to ride on the rough road without remorse. Orhua had been cut off from the only earth road within the ward.


When the Orhua community paid a courtesy visit on Mrs Ativie, as Madam Speaker of the House, she boasted that she would provide the ten million Naira needed to light up the long abandoned electricity project which the community exhumed by self help. After an endless wait, Mrs Ativie did not honour her pledge when the community raised the sun to complete the project.


Such is the the gravity of the neglect that it was only Hon Ativie, amongst the 24 lawmakers, who was chased away from her ward by angry voters before the last governorship election. But the people later came to vote Governor Godwin Obaseki, not because of the acceptance of Hon Ativie.

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