By Jeffery Igbinigie


“Sen Bukola Saraki is a very wily politician with a very robust history of wars and conquests. His greatest strength appears to be his deceptive vulnerability. He doesn’t have a reputation for predictability.


You cannot read him or his ways or his face. Lagos Group fell for it the last time it went for him. If i  were a Nigerian politician, i would not have him as an enemy without playing his game. When the whole world thought his world would soon collapse with the Code of Conduct case, did you see him panic?


Have you asked yourself how things have turned so dramatically in his favour? There is a Senator Kabiru Marafa who was a thorn tearing through his flesh daily. There is a Senator Ahmed Lawan who contested the Senate President seat with Bukola Saraki. Why are they his best friends today? Some persons have very strong chassis. To such persons, bumpy rides earn them respect”- Lasisi Olagunju (Tribune Newspaper)


Interesting and aptly captured. Personally, this is vindication of my stand since 8th June 2015


Moreover and interestingly,the 8th National Assembly under the leadership of Sen Bukola Saraki is the stabilising factor in the polity today.


Anyone who don’t have an idea of what is playing out,either his political relevance and stabilising factor in the polity should go and read Politics 101 textbook again.


Maybe Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and Robert Greene selected books also might help.


Just thinking

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