Nursing School In Egypt Withdraws 37 Kano State Sponsored Students Over Poor Academic Performance


Nursing School In Egypt Withdraws 37 Kano State Sponsored Students Over Poor Academic Performance.


A total of 37 out of the 154 Kano State sponsored Nursing students in Egypt will be forced to return to their home country after the institution deemed them academically unfit to continue with their peers.


The 37 students who will return home due to their poor academic performance were reported to have been unable to make the minimum Grade Point of 2.0 in their two semesters in the university.


According to a statement released by the Director Press, Office of the Deputy Governor, Kano state, Usman Bello, the students of the Faculty of Nursing of the Mansoura University risk withdrawal over their poor performances.


The students were reported to have failed to meet the minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average, GPA for the 2 consecutive semesters of 2015/2016 academic year.


The poor performance comes despite the close academic supervision and support the students were provided with during their summer semester.


The Kano state government has however made arrangements for the return tickets of the students to enable them return home.


The state government further revealed that 12 of the beneficiaries of its sponsorship will complete their academic study in August, 2017 and have also been provided with return tickets.


The statement added: “It is important to advise students to stop hiding under political sentiment to cover their deficiency. It would be recalled that no Kano State foreign students was returned without completing his study despite economic and political challenges being faced by the government.”



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