Reflections of the Sleepless King: The media, the evil of our democracy- Efe Igbinovia


By Efe Igbinovia


One cannot but wonder the kind of media we have in the third world, especially in Nigeria. The front page of all the national daily was today awash with the news of APC governors and leaders meeting with Buhari in Abuja house in London. Reading the pathetic story from them, I could not glean from any of the reporters how they confirmed the authenticity of the meeting and the picture that was purportedly taken with President Buhari at the dining table and the group photo taken outside the house. They didn’t confirm it but carried the story verbatim as narrated by Rochas Okorochas.

How can Nigeria Media be so loquacious and insensitive to the extent of rushing to the press in such a sensitive matter without putting intelligence machinery in motion to confirm their claims. No real media can do this. Today is one of the saddest day in the life of our nascent democracy. The media being the fourth estate of the realm has been infected with financial and mental leprosy so much so that they have given us up to the hyenas and jackals in the corridors of power to devour. If Nigerians cannot stand to demand a virile and professionally run media free from the whims and caprices of desperate power seekers, we would never have a country to call Nigeria in the near future.

Let me use this opportunity to call on all persons of conscience and goodwill to please add their  voices to the call for the restructuring of Nigeria. It is a task that must be done to rescue this nation from the abyss. It is not the only solution to our almighty problems but it is the beginning of the solution that we seek. We want a prosperous Nigerian where men and women will be able to dream and become what they want to be without knowing anybody. A country where national indicators of values must include efficiency in work, service quality, integrity, accountability, transparency. A desire and a system built to make people comply  with laws, regulations and procedures in the execution of tasks, participation in decision-making, democratic governance and respect for human rights. Until we have a region structured and each  determining their tenets of democracy and leadership, we will continue to grope in the dark expecting to see an illusion called “one Nigeria ”

I was delighted reading the editorial of the Tribune newspaper a few days ago where the paper made a good case for the restructuring of the country. It is on this premise that I urge all other media houses to add their voices to this noble call and join in this narrative. The flight for the restructuring of Nigeria for a more equitable share of our resources and the building of an egalitarian society has ascended. It cannot be stopped anymore. It is only wise for the media to play a huge role in ensuring that the flight land successfully bringing with it the goodies of a successful and peaceful restructuring.

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