Celebrating The MAGNUS DUX!


Celebrating The MAGNUS DUX!

By Edoko Wilson Edoko

Like I said in an article I wrote some weeks ago about the quintessential leader – Senator Engr Clifford Akhimienmona Ordia, I posited that the “Audacity to say or make promises and juxtaposing them with actions is one big bane with political gladiators especially in this part of the world. Most times, the ability to see through what needs to be done and what is on ground seems like a very tall dream”.

Buttressing this point, Senator Ordia has clearly distinguished himself as a distinguished SENATOR in this regard, flogging the odds and delivered the goods.

His humble beginning as a “local village boy” equipped him to deeply understand in totality, the challenges faced by his people especially as it relates to welfare and other concerns tied to their advancement, which indeed sharpened his desire to champion developmental revolution hinged on people oriented legislation, responsive representation and empowerment in his almost (4) years at the green chambers with a mission to enthroning a new dimension to governance.

Critically scrutinizing the progressive strides of the “ÒTALE! ÒLUÒLE 1” of Esan land and the NOISELESS TRACTOR of the 8th  Senate, SENATOR ORDIA has built bridges across Esan land through his political-engineering disposition.

Either from the attraction of road construction, provision of health centres, schools, empowerment and employment opportunities to constituents traversing from Esan Central to Esan West through Esan South-East, Esan West to Igueben LGA(s).

As a private citizen, the noiseless tractor” as he is fondly called now, provided start-up loans with technical assistance to young and bugging Entrepreneurs. He personally catered for those who couldn’t afford quality healthcare and granting direct interventions to families and numerous communities including sinking two functional bore hole projects that are testimonies continuously on replay in the lips of many beneficiaries.

Putting naysayers to shame, Senator Ordia has delivered beyond the expectations of his campaign promises and demonstrated capacity to lead even at a time when resources from the executive are trickling in an abysmal manner, yet witnessing so much GAINS!

Once again, Happy Birthday to our Magnus Dux, Senator Engr. A. Clifford Ordia.

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