Lagos PDP Crisis: Eddy Olafeso And His South West’s Bode George Gangs


Lagos PDP Crisis: Eddy Olafeso And His South West’s Bode George Gangs

By Seyi Agbaje

My first question to Eddy Olafeso who has been misrepresenting PDP National leadership in the media over the crisis in Lagos PDP is that, if he has power sole power as he portrays, why is he and his gangs lobbying National Secretariat to issue a Statement in their favour over the ongoing tussle between Adewale and Dominic.

The National Executive Council (NEC) of PDP knows their onions, they know the implication of hurrying to issue a Statement that can backfire badly over the matter.

Aeroland in his letter to the National Chairman of the party, clearly stated his agitations and stated why he would rather not go to court, he respected the party enough not to start a legal battle.

But Eddy Olafeso and his South West’s Bode George gangs strategically planted themselves in various positions that can give them advantage to run the party the way they want in the region, the National Executives have discovered this fact, so, they tend to be careful dealing with them, if you even look at their composition, they are majorly OLD, TIRED and EXPIRED politicians who get scared to hand over powers to younger people.

In one of their groups, one of their top ranking member was ranting that if National refused to issue a Statement concerning Aeroland, they will help to destroy the party, this statement clearly shows that they don’t have the interest of PDP but self. They are in PDP to do business and nothing more, this is the reason, National Executive is being very careful not to fall prey to their trap.

Adewale made several allegations against Bode George, Dominic and Eddy Olafeso, these allegations has not been denied by any of them, Aeroland went further to say that he has Audio and Video tape where they were speaking Ill of the party, but Eddy Olafeso wants the party at the National level to issue a Statement against Adewale in favour of Dominic and Bode George who took members to Labour Party, a clear case of anti party, went on CHANNELS TV to bad mouth PDP, gang up against the interest of the party, and committed several atrocities that has crippled the party for the past 20 years.

If you are a member of National Executive Committee, would you be in a hurry to issue such Statement?

Adewale seems to know what he is doing than these group of Bode George gangs, I read a statement issued by South West Eddy Olafeso, instead of addressing issues raised by Adewale, they resorted to using foul and abusive language against him, that shows that they are confused and scared.

Adewale is stripping them naked and it’s painful to them, he is exposing them and their gangs, the beauty of democracy is that politics is a game of number, Aeroland is gaining more momentum, youths, women, elders and all other support groups are behind him because he is saying the truth about the state of things in Lagos PDP.

A big party such as PDP cannot be emasculated by one or few individuals, Adegbola Dominic was illegally appointed, as against Section 46-48 of PDP constitution, if Eddy Olafeso knows his onion, he would not even make any statement over this illegality but he is being used by Chief Bode George.

Again, he made a very big blunder, he does not have the power to say Adewale is not a member of PDP, what his statement means is that he is just a holder of Doctorate without content, he has not read the constitution of the party well enough.

Those in the National Headquarters may just be laughing at his several goofing because he is certainly, do not know what he is doing as the South West Chairman.

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