Stop Harassing Our Members, PDP Tells EDSG/Obaseki


Stop Harassing Our Members, PDP Tells EDSG/Obaseki

… It’s Edo state government policy to harass, intimidate and victimize PDP members.

… Recent decampees from APC to PDP especially targeted!

It has come to our notice and realization that Edo State government is continuing to harass, intimidate and victimize our party members especially those that recently decamped from APC.

Chief Osamede Adun, a foremost transporter, businessman and entrepreneur who rejoined PDP in the last eight months has been a victim of victimization, harassment and intimidation. His businesses have been singled out for all sort of government citation and brute implementation of unlawful orders.

Below are a few of the incidents that Chief Adun has had to put up with in the last few months:

1. Edo State Government demolished Chief Osamede Adun’s Shopping Mall on Mission Road, and forcefully turned it to a parking lot even when the matter is pending in a competent court with  Honorable Justice VOA Oviawe presiding.

2. Edo State Government closed down Bob Izua Borrow Pit located at Ikuenobo/Iguomo Communities, Benin City, owned by Chief Adun.

3. Edo State Government closed down Bob Izua Abattoir near Oluku, Benin City and Bob Izua Abattoir at Ikpoba Slope. These matters are currently pending at the Federal High Court No.1, Benin City ,with Honourable Justice Umar presiding.

4. Edo State Government gives notice to compulsorily acquire Bob Izua Yard near his house around Oba Market Road where his buses are parked!

5. The latest in the long line of victimization and I believe vindictiveness is the order to demolish part of his park in Ring Road.

It is clear and unfortunate that as 2020 approaches, EDSG has switched on its harass and intimidate buttons as it believes it can cow Edo people into submission.

We call on all Edolites and Nigerians to condemn these acts and prevail on the government to be tolerant of opposition and govern the state devoid of government intimidation, harassment, victimization and vindictiveness.


Chris Osa Nehikhare

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