Edo State Chapter of National Youth Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) Crisis Deepens As Youth Leaders Drag EDSG/Obaseki To Court


Edo State Chapter of National Youth Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) Crisis Deepens As Youth Leaders Drag EDSG/Obaseki To Court

By Christopher Ogbemudia

BENIN CITY – Members of the renowned National Youth Council of Nigeria in Edo state chapter have vowed to take the government of Godwin Obaseki to court for imposing on them an over aged candidate to lead the National Youth Council Of Nigeria, Edo state chapter.

Speaking to newsmen after a crucial meeting, group leaders made it known that the Government of Godwin Obaseki through the commissioner of Youth and Sports presented one Mr Osahon Obasuyi Davidson as the choice of the government to led the council, and that nobody could challenge the Government, on this note a kangaroo election was held on the 20th of November, 2018 under heavily harmed vigilantes and men of the Nigerian police.

The said election, however became bloody when the outgoing exco led by Com. Innocent Ajayi and members of his executive went to the venue of the illegal election been carried out by the state Government to let them know the decisions reached by management which is the highest decision making body in the organisation, which was to put a stop to the election as it was not been conducted under the provision of the constitution.

The police men and the vigilante guards who were suppose to protect the lives of citizens and maintain law and order did the opposite as they said they where under strict instruction to kill moreso that their bullets had been paid for, attacked the young leaders with various weapons, inflicted injuries on the council leadership, arrested and detained them without proper treatment.

After the purported election held, the youths of Edo state took to the street to protest the injustice done by the Edo state government by imposing candidates who do not meet the constitutional requirements.

The Edo state Government also came to the youth house with heavily armed security men to inaugurate the alleged exco of the purported election in Edo state, speaking on the day of inauguration the commissioner of Youth made it known that whatever was happening was the actual mind of the state Government led by Gov. Godwin Obaseki and that nobody could challenge it.

It is however disappointing that Gov. Godwin Obaseki led Government which presented itself as very principled and ready to uphold the workings of the law allow its Government stoop so low to interfere in an election where it is suppose to play a supervisory role but now imposing an over aged candidate as chairman.

It’s a known fact that the National Youth Council of Nigeria was created by an act of Parliament, and no Federal or state government has the rights to impose or forcefully conduct an election for the council.

On this note the youths of Edo state who are peaceful and law abiding have decided to challenge the election and Government’s involvement in the process.

As peace loving youths of Edo state, we ask the judiciary which is the last hope of the common man to carefully look into our prayers before them and do the needful.

We also use this medium, to call on our youths to be patient as the youth house can not be hijacked by unknown men whose visions and missions are to carry out the bidding of those who sent them and not that of the entire youthful population.

National Youth Council of Nigeria is Apolitical and a training ground for young leaders and cannot be otherwise taken.

The group reassured the general public that they will keep maintaining the path of peace and will not rest until justice is gained

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