We Will Reclaim Our Stolen Mandate, Igbas Assures Constituents


We Will Reclaim Our Stolen Mandate, Igbas Assures Constituents

UROMI – The current member representing Esan North-East constituency ll and candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded State house of Assembly Poll, Hon. Hon-Ezehi MD Igbas Ksji has assured supporters that he will reclaim the mandate fraudulently handed to his opponent.

In a press statement, personally released by Hon. MD Igbas, goes thus: “I want to start by thanking the good people of Esan North East Constituency 2 for trooping out in their numbers to vote for me and the PDP in the last Gubernatorial and Houses of Assembly elections.

We worked hard to achieve success, we had the support and votes of the people, in the face of massive vote buying, rigging and thuggery our people remained resolute!”.

“The outcome of the elections took everyone by surprise, the compromised INEC R/O had the opportunity to do the needful but he went ahead to released an inconclusive election result in favour of my opponent”, he stated.

“We have strong reasons to reclaim our mandate, the 37 additional votes given to the APC is laughable.

I have used the last 48 hours to consult with different stakeholders, especially our party agents, and I am of the firm conviction that the mandate given to me will be reclaimed”.

Thereafter, Igbas appealed to his constituents to keep hope alive and above all remember him in their prayers.

Ibha Obulu.

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