Big Story: BBC UK, Save Your Brand In Nigeria Before Its Too Late


Big Story: BBC UK, Save Your Brand In Nigeria Before Its Too Late

By Tunji Olabiwoninu

British Broadcasting Coperation (BBC) was founded in November 14th, 1922 which increasingly grew it spread across the world with high class and well trained staff of over 3,500.

The BBC is a quasi-autonomous corporation authorised by Royal Charter, making it operationally independent of the government, who have no power to appoint or dismiss its director-general, and required to report impartially.

BBC franchise in Nigeria is beginning to turn to a political tool instead of the objective analysis and reportage of happenings in the country, before it is too late, the parent company must quickly review it’s activities before the brand is badly damaged.

Investigative journalism entails careful work and not the gutter journalism some of the staff of BBC Naija are doing, a recent incident where an unprofessional and not well trained female journalist was seen trying to blackmail a popular Lagos politician, Otunba Segun Adewale (Aeroland) of buying votes, an allegation without proof, instead of reporting the true reflection of what transpired, she chose to trend a bad and tarnishing news which is injurious to the political life of an innocent man with the aim of giving more visiblity to the brand BBC News Nigeria.

Soldiers and police were at the polling units aiding the rigging of election in favour of the ruling APC, the man complained and was furious with the irregularities, instead of the journalist lady to do a fact finding to enable her give an accurate/unbiased report, she decided to stage a drama to distract the attention from the real issues, which would easily make anyone think that BBC Naija was commissioned to do a coveted job for the APC.

Except the parent body wants to feign ignorance, the people they handed the franchise in Nigeria are politicians who are now using the platform to advance their political bid, rumor has it that the building that housed BBC office in Ikoyi Lagos is owned by Tinubu while some others are saying that it belongs to his boy, how can such organization become impartial when reporting news involving the opposition figures?

It is important to ask that the BBC should check it’s archives, if they have reported any major news against APC or Senator Bola Tinubu, the same man whose Bourdillon house in Ikoyi has turned to micro finance bank with bullion vans, the same BBC Nigeria in various languages including @BBCNewsPidgin did not deem it fit to beam it’s reportage light on how APC thugs headed by MC Oluomo and his foot soldiers under the state protection has been terrorising the residents of Okota, Oshodi and other areas in Lagos.

They may not want to do that because their landlord may get angry, this is what journalism should not be, but if it’s to blackmail the opposition figures in the country, they are glad and fast to release such video skits to the public, it would be sad if the BBC UK don’t check how these unprofessional staff in Nigeria conduct themselves via spreading of fake news and propaganda, the highly respected BBC would soon lose its reputation and relevance.

To save this brand and protect it’s integrity that has been in existence for over the years, the franchise agreement or operational mode in Nigeria must be reviewed, anything you place in the hands of politicians in most cases don’t end well.

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