Adewale To BBC: Provide Evidence Of Me Buying Votes Or Meet Me In Court


Adewale To BBC: Provide Evidence Of Me Buying Votes Or Meet Me In Court

A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Otunba Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland has threatened a legal action against BBC who circulated a video where he was filmed on election day.

Adewale accused BBC of blackmailing him unjustly, in a viral video trending on the social media.

He explained that when he came to his polling booth at Iyana Ipaja, due to his popularity as a public figure, he was greeted by a crowd who wanted to catch a glimpse and exchange pleasantries with him (Is it now a crime for multitude of people to come to greet me?), an unidentified lady began to video tape him which is against the INEC Law to bring camera to voting areas, and he asked her to stop since she has no identity card on her, we all know that those in the ruling party uses all manner of tricks on those they perceived as opponent, including giving them a bad press, it is my right to accept interview or not.

I can choose to grant an interview but it has to be with my consent but not in a forceful manner, which I made effort to briefly explain to the lady, yes when she carried on without my consent in a very rude and disrespectful manner, I did said that I will slap her, which I did NOT do, I respect women alot, I cannot do such a thing, either privately or publicly, Adewale said.

Adewale said further that, when some people in the crowd wanted to manhandle the said lady, he was even the one that prevented them and ensured that all her belongings were intact, surprisingly, he later discovered that she has worked with him in Ekiti State, he only made the threat to ensure that she stop video taping him without his consent.

Adewale called on the Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) and Guild of Editors to intervene on this matter because, they are responsible organizations upholding the integrity and ethics of this noble profession. A journalist should not harass and blackmail a citizen just for wanting to feed the people with bad and viral content.

We have seen several cases of voters molestation, ballox box snatching, falsification of results, thuggery in places like Okoto , Oshodi and other where innocent people were being harassed, where is BBC who is expected to exposed such to the world, but they prefer to do the easy one to quickly record fake scenario, then trend online.

Adewale expressed shock over the trending video where it was said that he was trying to buy votes, he said that how can he buy votes in a polling booth that his party PDP has never been defeated, urging the BBC to come up with the clip evidence of him buying votes or beating the lady as she dramatized in the FAKE trending video or be ready for a serious legal battle, I have informed my lawyers, we are giving them 72 hours to provide the evidence, an action will be taken ruthlessly if BBC fail provide any evidence of his vote buying.

Adewale laments that election day reportage is to sample the opinions of the people on the conduct and true happenings, BBC should not form the habit of trending fake videos just to divert the attention of the citizens from the real issues, which bothers on how to protect our nascent democracy from being hijacked by anti democratic forces.

According to Adewale, when the incident happened, BBC as a responsible media organization who is expected to be the eye of the public, except that they want the public to have the feelings that they are working as another blackmailing tool of the ruling APC, they should have contacted me for my own side of the story before going to the public, since it has now become BBC’s habit to desperately wants to trend a negative news especially on the election day, you cannot bring other people down and hope to sell your own brand to Nigerians, its a mischievous move, Adewale noted.

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