Chris Okaeben: Never Again to Clueless Representation!


Chris Okaeben: Never Again to Clueless Representation!

The case of Christopher Ewere Okaeben can be likened to someone that stole what belonged to a whole village and went to pay the Chief Priest of the village a visit to help prepare a soft landing when his case is brought before him.

At the height of the allegation levelled against Chris Okaeben, (as he is fondly called), instead of him to explain his position to his constituents and Edolites in general, he went to donate a generator to the Nigeria Police Force. Perhaps to give him a soft landing when his corruption case is brought before them.

Mr. Chris Okaeben


Chris should know that times have changed, and the era of the imposition of representative on the people is long gone. How many members of his constituency can he buy generating sets for? If he had carried out his oversight function as the chairman of the committee on power, he would have affected the lives of the people positively. He cannot use one per cent of the over thirteen million he took as bribe from BEDC, to buy generating sets, and expect the people to congratulate him for that.

In the next four days, the good people of Oredo west will pass their verdict, and I am very sure that it will be a very bright RED CARD for Chris! Oredo west can’t wait for a breath of fresh air!

It is finally the dawn of a new era! Oredo shall be liberated come March 9th!

Ukeke Aiguobasimwin
Oredo West Liberation Vanguard

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