Just as I have always said in my campaigns, my involvement in politics is about the people. Before now, I have been doing my little bit to alleviate the suffering of those around me, and there are documentation and testimonies to that effect.

However, beyond the political rhetoric’s of vote party A or party B, I will like to make public my plans for the people, which I tagged “#For_The_Majority_in_Obscurity”.

Let’s start by pointing out the problems.

Have you ever seen any movie producer shooting a movie in either 1st or 3rd cemeteries in Benin city?
Do you know that a standard cemetery is a good source of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)?

The two cemeteries, (1st cemetery in Ward 9, and 3rd cemetery in Ward 7), is a shadow of what cemeteries are designed to be. In fact, the one in Ward 7 became a den of robbers to the extent they had to set up a police station close to the cemetery. We cannot continue to create a problem to solve another problem.

When elected, the business plan that will make the cemetery self-sustaining will be presented to the executives, and the bill guiding the operations of the cemetery will be adequately amended for effective and efficient operations.

The days of having cemeteries with overgrown grasses, posing risk to the living, and disrespect to the dead, will be over!

This is my pledge to the people.

Agbonifo Eghosa (ETEK),
PDP Candidate For EDHA, Oredo West Constituency.

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