Agbonifo Eghosa: My Election is for Posterity. It’s for the Future of our Children


Agbonifo Eghosa: My Election is for Posterity. It’s for the Future of our Children.

By Idede Oseyande.

It is the second day of a brand new year, and most families are still wining and dining in the spirit of the season. This is not the case of the campaign team of Hon. Eghosa Asemota Agbonifo, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate for Edo State House of Assembly, Oredo West constituency. He and his team have already put the festive period behind them as they are set to roll out in full force their campaign machinery and to make the people know his manifestos.

While collecting the reports of the assignments allotted to team members during the festive period, he told those that used the frenzied nature of the festivity period to neglect what was committed to them, that they might be thinking this campaign is all about ‘ETEK’ (as he is called in the streets), he made them understand that this is beyond a mere ambition for him.
“I have been a businessman for long, and I know the level of profits driven enthusiasm. This election for me is beyond material gains. No matter how much people say they make from politics, if I continue my business with patience and divine grace, it is only a matter of time, I will get all the wealth they are talking about. But no, this is about posterity and the future of our children.”

In his emotional and passion-laden speech, he charged the group to do more. “If you think we have done enough in the last few months, then be ready to do four times more of all that because the real work starts now”, he said. “We are going to place our foot on the throttle of this campaign train and keep accelerating till the elections are over. If there are any sacrifices to be made to see this dream come to reality, it is now. If you have anything to contribute in any way, it is now. If you want this whole electioneering process to end in praise for this team, now is the time to put in your all”.

Making a dramatic pause, he stared into the faces of everyone seated, and said slowly, “if you feel you want to leave us in this journey, the time to do it is now”. One of the team members shouted, “we are not of them that draw back!” and the rest echoed it unanimously.

Oredo west should be ready to see a very interesting and engaging campaign, as the man I like to call ‘the new breed’ is set to change the political story of Oredo west for good.

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