New Year Message: Orbih Salutes Edo People Says 2019 Offers Nigerians the Opportunity to Halt Declining Fortunes


New Year Message: Orbih Salutes Edo People Says 2019 Offers Nigerians the Opportunity to Halt Declining Fortunes

The year 2019 presents new opportunities. We thank the Good people of Edo State for their love, solidarity and support in these last 365 days.

We are aware that these last couple of years, especially 2018, have been particularly challenging as a result of the policies and failure of the government to effectively manage the economy, widespread corruption, insecurity inadequate educational and healthcare facilities.

This year, 2019, offers Nigerians the opportunity to express their displeasure and their pains by exercising their franchise of voting for a political party that understands the pains of our people. A party that have the experience to turn the sorry state of affairs around and get Nigeria working again.

The PDP and its candidate Atiku Abubakar offers us the opportunity to halt the declining fortunes of our nation. The menace of Boko Haram, Fulani Headsmen and other security threats which are reflection of the APC failed policies.

In Edo, we have nominated probably the best candidates for all positions from Senate, where have renominated Senators Matthew Urhoghide and Cliff Ordia whose performances have been described as exhilarating and unequaled by their constituents. We are presenting Hon (Engr) Abubakar Momoh in Edo North and his antecedent speaks for him. The nine House of Representatives candidates are heads and shoulder above their opponents and the Twenty four House of Assembly candidates will bring the zing back to legislative business to a house that has been reduced to a department of government house by APC and it’s government.

Indeed, the decision we make in 2019 will be key to a resurgent Nigeria. As we pray for a better life in this new year, let’s also pray for a better managed Nigeria.

As a political party, we will not relent as we look forward to a just society, a society where the welfare of its citizens is the reason to seek elective office. Where all citizens are equal before the law and treated with respect and dignity.

We look forward to a very fulfilling and rewarding new year for EDO people and Nigerians.

Happy New Year!

Chief (Dr) Dan Osi Orbih
Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party,
Edo State.

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