Between Okaeben’s Generating Sets, his Timid Silence and the Sustained Darkness By BEDC?

Between Okaeben’s Generating Sets, his Timid Silence and the Sustained Darkness By BEDC?
By Benjamin Osagie
It’s no longer news that residents of Benin Metropolis and its environs, continue to enjoy the yuletide in perpetual darkness, with so much hue and cry over the nonchalant attitude of the management of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) to provide adequate supply of electricity to her clients
However, in the midst of the imbroglio, the Edo State Civil Society Organization (EDOSCO), led by Mr. Omobude Agho has been in the forefront championing advocacy for the license of the embattled electricity company to be revoked due to their inability to fulfill the basic responsibility of providing power.
In addition, Civil society organisations also alleged after conducting their postmortem that the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for Oredo  west constituency and Chairman, Power and Energy committee in the Edo state house of assembly (EDHA), Mr. Chris Okaeben was found culpable over dirty dealings surrounding his unholy alliance with the BEDC boss, Mrs. Funke Osibundu. However, Mr. Okaeben is said to have recieved the whooping sum of N10Million to betray the trust of same people he sworn to serve.
With failed assurances from the Okaeben, he has severally at different foras affirmed that the electricity challenge suffered by Edo people will disappear just the same way General Naaman’s leprosy disease miraculously varnished after his visit to River Jordan.
Shockingly, it was also reliably gathered that the Chairman, Power and Energy committee, recently donated a Generator set to a Police station in Benin city.
Ia this aimed at to scoring nonexisting points, though not amused by the inglorious actions of the Okaeben, instead of inventing a lasting solutions to ameliorate the power problems, he lazily settled for a shortcut to further compound our “Wahala”?. Can’t Okaeben by virtue of his legislative powers put BEDC on their toes?
Howbeit, this aptly demonstrates the lack of intellectual capacity of most state legislators in the same rank as Okaeben who are oblivious of the pertinent needs of their people, particularly using the precarious situation we now find ourselves as a yardstick.
With the avalanche of disappointment, staring at our gloomy faces, thinking outside the box and conceptualizing a way out of our present predicaments would have been doable, if those opportuned to be at the helm of affair actually know their right from left.
Already in this pitiable situation, who should be blamed? Is it the uninspired electorates or who? Indeed, when one cannot offer freely what he posseses, the resultant effect becomes hopelessness!
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