5 Signs You Are Approaching Poverty


4 Signs You Are Approaching Poverty


By Edoko Wilson Edoko


These are some of the funny signs people approaching poverty exhibit unknown to them


1. If you are fond of rushing your phone conversations with your hand always on the red button while at the same time gaze at your call duration consistently.


2. If you like buying and using things in sachet, it means you live a sachet life – sachet milk, sachet toothpaste, sachet gin, sachet shaver, already there is sachet garri very soon you will asking for “sachet soup”.


3. If you always ask bread sellers irritating questions like “The bread fresh, how many days old?”, “Hope the bread no strong or get odour?”, “Why the bread press?” while the bread on your hands.


4. You wore white starched clothes, took a cab and started speaking incoherent english all of a suddenly the rain begins and you quickly whisper to the lady seating next to you – “Madam shift rain dey beat me”.


5. If you are fond of rushing the usual traditional liquid concoction popularly called “Agbo”, without squeezing your face, instead of sipping it. It shows you are wittingly used to the bitter things of life.


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