Senator Clifford Akhimiemona Ordia, The ÒTALE! ÒLUÒLE Esan People Know


Senator Clifford Akhimiemona Ordia, The ÒTALE! ÒLUÒLE Esan People Know

By Edoko Wilson Edoko

THE audacity to say or make promises and juxtaposing them with actions is one big bane of political gladiators especially in this part of the world. Most times, the ability to see through what needs to be done and what is on ground seems like a very tall dream.

Whether we like it or not, politicians will continue to make promises, whether they are realistic or achievable remains a hard nut to crack for the electorates. Unfortunately, this phenomenon which has now become a systemic flaw in our political sojourn, has chased so many prospective voters into their cocoon.

Pardon my inquisitiveness into probing this big challenge but allow me stay on my line of thought and the true motive behind this write up.
Please don’t tempt me, Holy Ghost fire!!!

The genuineness of my treatise for this particular individual is borne out of the political near correctness of the personality under evaluation.

His humble beginning as a “local village boy” equipped him to deeply understand in totality, the challenges faced by his people especially as it relates to welfare and other concerns tied to their advancement, which indeed sharpened his desire to champion Developmental revolution hinged on people oriented legislation, responsive representation and empowerment three (3) years ago, with a mission to enthroning hope and healing the battered enthusiasm in an area where those in their high horses have deliberately relegated the dreams of our forefathers to the dogs to feast on, while the gullible clap in nauseating jubilation!

Those who institutionalized marginalization in all sectors of the district’s economy, maintained our dilapidated roads, unemployment and slavery of the masses, with all sort of slogans coupled with the inglorious initiation of an unhealthy contestation among beloved brothers who happen to have forgotten God’s solemn question to Cain regarding his brother in the Holy scriptures.
Interestingly, this is the bragging rights of these political merchants pretending to be the only tasty goat meat in a well prepared Nkwobi delicacy.

The question of analysing the achievements of your serving Senator is a beautiful idea which should be welcome and who says demanding accountability from representatives by constituents is now a crime?

As a strong advocate that the “office of the citizens” must be fully activated to put our elected public office holders on their toes, we must have at the back of our minds that this onerous task should be carried out with all sense of sincerity, devoid of any undertone whether political or otherwise; taking extra steps to do verifications of the supposed claims and reverting in order to enhance a complete cycle of governance feedback.

How many Senators in the 8th Senate can confidently showcase their legacy projects spread across their senatorial jurisdictions?

How many deserve a resounding pat on the back like the Edo Central Senator, a successful Engineer in the person of Clifford Ordia?

Without giving relevance to those who mischievously came up with their BEER PARLOR SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS of the performance of distinguished Senator Clifford A. Ordia, I commend the contrived guts of these political flutters shading under feigned sentiments to challenge the progressive strides of the “ÒTALE! ÒLUÒLE 1” of Esan land and the NOISELESS TRACTOR of the 8th Senate.

Unarguably, this has once again reaffirmed their hatred for positive and responsive leadership, a character unbecoming of a true Esan patriot all for self-serving purpose. Let me on their behalf apologize to ESAN PEOPLE for this show of ignorance – a grievous and miscalculated attempt to receive nonexisting sympathy may have driven them into this untoward journey.

Every right thinking individual is aware that motions are avenues through which Legislators draw the attention of Government to matters of urgent public importance.

This critical responsibility, Senator Ordia has ably discharged. One thing is to move a motion, another thing is for those in the executive arm to give it the needed air it requires to survive.

Can a government which has given countless reasons for disobeying mere court orders, disregarding the Rule of Law, turn around to adhere to motions?

On the issue of unemployment which has been further compounded by the ineptitude of President Buhari’s administration, Senator Ordia has incredibly changed the narrative by influencing direct jobs through the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police, Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH), Nigerian Immigration Service and others too numerous to mention to Esan indigenes across the Senatorial District, some of which you already know but for what you represent prefer to look the other way. How convenient!!!

In a bid to bridge the gap in road infrastructure, Senator Ordia embarked on several Road Projects, one of which is the highly contentious Rehabilitation of Ukpenu-Emuhi Road which unfortunately was halted by acrimonious political interest.
I am happy respite is on the way for that said project.

However, the author of this malicious piece could only play with the collective intelligence of a few by shooting himself on the foot.

Why skip laudable Road Projects like the Construction of NAST Road, Ewu, Rehabilitation of Irrua-Eidenu-Ibore-Udomi and Uwesan Road, Construction of Odogbe Road, Construction of Udo Lane off Oyomon and Ubiaja Roads??

Perplexly dazed, I discovered that they failed to bring to the knowledge of Esan people the marvellous works of Senator Ordia in the area of delivering quality healthcare to the nooks and crannies of Edo Central with the construction of Primary Health Centres in Ekoiyobhebhe – Irrua, Udomi – Uwesan, Oyomon -Igueben and Idumegan in Ekpoma.

They say those who seek equity must come with clean hands not infested with political ebola. With this in perspective, let me equally challenge those who are misfiring to display what our people have benefited from their acclaimed benefactors so eager to wear a cap bigger than their wagging head, people who have been opportune to be in Government for a decade, telling same old tales of their emptiness.

As a private citizen, the “noiseless tractor” as He is fondly called now, provided start-up loans with technical assistance to young and bugging Entrepreneurs. He personally catered for those who couldn’t afford quality healthcare and granting direct interventions to families and numerous communities including sinking two functional bore hole projects that are testimonies continuously on replay in the lips of many beneficiaries.

It is instructive to note that the gentleman who currently shoulders the responsibility of legislating for his people has virtually gone out of his scope, because both the State and Local Government administration in Esan land has totally collapsed with little or nothing to show.

Disappointing naysayers, Senator Ordia has delivered beyond the expectations of his campaign promises and demonstrated capacity to lead even at a time when resources from the central reservoir are trickling in an abysmal manner, yet we are experiencing so much gains?

I clearly understand the challenge of marketing a bad product to Esan people is becoming difficult with the intimidating achievements of the “Talk-na-Do” Senator.

Nevertheless, I expect a more constructive and engaging campaign without calumny, garnished with SCIENTIFIC REVELATIONS of the policies and programs of their drowning CANDIDATE soonest, instead of focusing on this pointless venture of wanting to pulling an achiever down, God forbid!

Let me end here by saying ~ LET THE BEST CONTINUE.

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