APC’s Direct Presidential Primary: Creating A False Impression To Rig The 2019 Presidential Election


APC’s Direct Presidential Primary: Creating A False Impression To Rig The 2019 Presidential Election

By Nosa Omorodion

The Peoples Democratic Party has raised the alarm that the proposed Direct Presidential Primary of the All Progressives Congress, in which President Muhammadu Buhari is the only aspirant, is a charade intended to set the tone for the manipulation of the 2019 Presidential Election.

Despite the overriding indifference of non-partisan Nigerians, can we say that the PDP is crying wolf? Definitely not. It obvious that ensuring only Buhari stands for election in their direct primary option, the APC seeks to create a manipulated perception of President Buhari’s potential voters by first creating a false pool of APC membership. Pursuant to playing the script, the APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has strategically informed the world that the APC currently has 15.6million members in its register. Interestingly, that figure is more than the total number of votes scored by Buhari in the 2015 Presidential Election that brought him to power.

With Buhari standing alone and under a direct primary process that will not be objectively verified, the APC is poised to arbitrarily claim that all their “15.6million” members endorsed President Buhari’s candidacy. If the APC had used the indirect primary option, by the provision of its constitution, the party would have been constrained to declare less than a hundred thousand of its members-delegates, as having voted for President Buhari.

The fraudulent bent of the APC in its proposed Presidential Primary is that they plan to allocate humongous figures to all its state chapters, respectively, to reflect its 15.6million registered members.

The scheming to preempt the false perception of the enormous support base of President Buhari is not restricted to the purported APC membership figure. A pointer to an elaborate design is apparent in President Buhari’s acceptance speech at the ceremony where he formally received the presidential nomination form purportedly bought for him by a group that goes by the name “Nigerian Consolidation Ambassodors Network (NCAN)”.

In the speech, the President alluded to the numerical strength of his assumed loyal supporters. In the first instance, he stated that the membership of the NCAN is reported to be over 3million. In the same vein, he claimed that the association of Nigerian rice farmers, specifically and deliberately mentioning that they are 12million famers, had also volunteered to buy him the form. Thereafter, he made insinuations about the federal government’s masses oriented social investment programmes, part of which includes the school-feeding scheme for schoolchildren.

The objective of this is deliberate play on figures is clear – to create a perception about the sure votes for Buhari, prior to the 2019 presidential election. Hypothetically, adding up the numbers of the APC members, the NCAN and the rice farmers, as claimed, Buhari is supposed to have a support base of 30million voters, excluding the general electorate.

The essence of this desperate strategy, to keep a very unpopular Buhari and APC in power, in 2019, is to manipulate the minds of Nigerians and the International Community by orchestrating figures to create a false sense of his popularity. It is intended to present a template behind which, in collusion with the electoral umpire, INEC, a rigged figure may be released, hoping that in such circumstance there would be little or no resistance.

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