Stop Intimidating Comrade Austin Okai, Kogi Democrats Cautions Lawmakers


Stop Intimidating Comrade Austin Okai, Kogi Democrats Cautions Lawmakers

Kogi Democrats (KD), has demanded a public apology from kogi state house of assembly for encroaching into the fundamental human rights of a Social crusader, Comrade Austin Usman Okai

In a media release in Abuja,the group threatened the kogi state house of assembly that it will revert to court action,if the freedom of speech in line with the freedom of information bill (FIB) of the social blogger is tinkered with by the law makers

The group according to Nazif Mohammad, the public affairs officer regretted the position of the kogi law makers to invite the people’s voice even when their oversight functions of checkmating top government functionaries had suffered a serious set back with apparent resistance from the Executive arm

He said an assemblage of law makers whose  greater majority had fallen prey as an appendices to the state government and lack the political will to carry out its statutory functions had reverted to a functional status on the voluntary and legitimate activities of the peoples voice like Comrade Okai

The group said, the law makers had deliberately failed in their primary assignment by feign commiseration of ‎the executive arms laxity to offset legitimate workers obligation in the area of workers salaries and pensioners in the last 20 months, due to endless and deliberate screening that created hardship, penury, sickness, diseases and deaths to the greater majority of the people

Nazif said at the first instance,the kogi law makers lacked the constitutional powers to summon a freedom fighter‎ to its hollow chamber that had turned to a boxing ground and lacked the capacity to assert itself owing to executive infiltration for sheer avarice

‘This is a chamber that lacked the courage to invite an appointee of the state government or rather effect same to clarify ‎pressing state matters, only to threaten organs that had played a vital role in check mating the maladministration and looting of kogi funds for obvious reasons’

He urged the state law makers to return to their various village squares and test their popularity in the last  ‎two years, if most of them will not be stoned to death as court of public opinion have a negative assessment of their activities

The group urged Comrade Okai not be daunted by the activities of these group of few nuisance and shallow minded law makers who had hijacked the destinies of kogites and failed to deliver on their electoral mandates

A group of  dishonourable individuals who had no mind of their own‎ but lived on the dictates of corrupt ridden executive arm which resulted into frequent changes of principal and presiding officers the highest so far in the states assemblies and the present dispensation

He condemned the decisions of the cash and carry politicians whom the executive arm had converted to hire and fire group of law makers urging them to bury their heads in shame rather than objecting and antagonising the likes of Comrade Okai whose legitimate ‎actions had positive desire of the people to the state

‘In the last 20 months of this administration in kogi, the third speaker of the state assembly will soon be appointed by the state government,the recent one in less than three months, What is the explanation, temerity, audacity,and courage could this group of few disgruntled and money spinning lawmakers have to offer to the people of the state with plain teleguided activities?’He queried.

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