PRESS RELEASE: Benin Traditional Council Cautions Enigie Over The Creation Of Unrecognized Titles. 


PRESS RELEASE: Benin Traditional Council Cautions Enigie Over The Creation Of Unrecognized Titles.

It has come to the notice of the Benin Traditional Council that some Enigie in Benin Kingdom have created various chieftaincy titles in their villages, which contradict the Benin customs and tradition.

The Benin Traditional Council wishes to state by way of clarification that only IHAMA and ENOBORE chieftaincy titles are allowed by tradition to be conferred by Enigie.

Any other chieftaincy title created by any Enogie is at variance with Benin customs and tradition, unknown to law and, a violation of the Edo State Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law.

All such chieftaincy titles purportedly created and conferred on some individuals by some Enigie are null and void abinitio and of no effect because there is no provision for it in our custom and tradition.

Enigie are strongly advised to please comply with the age-long tradition that also now has the backing of the law in order to avoid any embarrassment.

The Benin Traditional Council has also observed with dismay, the disturbing trend of Enogie, Odionwere, or a group of people that are in the unacceptable practice of suspending (aburho) each other in Benin Kingdom.

The Benin Traditional Council wishes to clarify that it is not customary for Enogie to suspend Odionwere or for Odionwere to suspend Enogie, or a group of people to suspend (aburho) Enogie or Odionwere; without the direct authority of the Palace.

It is only the Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba of Benin that is the prescribed customary authority to affirm, confirm, approve or direct outright suspension of any Enogie, Odionwere or Ohen as the case may be.

For avoidance of doubt, the customary practice, for handling such matters, is that any erring Enogie, Odionwere, and/or Ohen, is reported to the Palace for customary arbitration and necessary action, in which His Royal Majesty in council with the chiefs may personally preside over or delegate some chiefs to preside over and make recommendations, for His Royal Majesty’s necessary action.

Oba ghato ‘kpere, Ise.

(Frank Irabor), Secretary, Benin Traditional Council.

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