PDP Slams Four Years Suspension On Former Party Chairman. 


PDP Slams Four Years Suspension On Former Party Chairman.

The National Disciplinary Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party met today Thursday 26th September, 2017 in Abuja and reviewed the written and oral representation of Mr. Ken Emeakayi, former Chairman of P.D.P Anambra state including the numerous documents submitted to the Committee by Mr. Emeakayi in respect of the allegations of refusing to obey lawful directions of the party as contained in the queries issued to him and his response thereto.

The Committee further considered the provisions of the Constitution of the party and found Mr. Ken Emeakayi to have committed infraction against the provisions of Section 58 (1) (b), (c) and (h) of the P.D.P constitution.

ACCORDINGLY, the National Disciplinary Committee at its meeting held on 26/9/17 took a decision to suspend and hereby suspend Mr. Ken Emeakayi as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party for a period of FOUR YEARS effective from today 26th September, 2017 and terminating on 25th September, 2021. In effect, Mr. Ken Emeakayi has lost his membership of the party together with all the rights and privileges for this period of time.

Dated this 26th of September, 2017.



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