By Jeffery Igbinigie

“If Nigerian political leaders exhibit God truly in their daily activities, Nigeria would at least be a rather smooth path, before business deliberation that I led commences. Someone was asked to pray, after it ended, another government official opted to pray, each of the many meetings I had with your politicians started and ended in prayers


Before we had various meals, prayers were made but if prayers were the solutions, you should have no problems at all. Is your God deaf and dead,just imagining” – British MP

Culled from Seyi Odetola’s wall


Ordinarily, the way we are so religious in Nigeria should make Nigeria a nation without all the attendant problems associated to it; endemic corruption, underdevelopment,lack of infrastructure, kidnappings,armed robberies and malfeasance in high places to mention a few.

I lived in United Kingdom for a stretch of a decade,no one really cares about religion, Sundays are meant for “footie” going to any of the stadia to watch and support your favorite teams or to parks with families,visiting museums to enrich yourself on history, go shopping or your local pub for a “tipple”.

If you decide to travel from London or Dover which is southernmost and all the way to Newcastle up north covering the whole of England, you don’t need any form of prayers like my mum favorite ones “O ni rin ni ojo ti ebi npa ona,oni rin ni ojo ti ona pofo”.

Reason the roads are well paved,there are signs on the roads,you have speed limit signs indicated and traffic cameras to record you if you exceed the speed limit in that zone,police patrols are everywhere, motorists are properly licensed and all the vehicles are certified to be roadworthy.

In such a situation accidents are very rare because motorists must follow rules and regulations, same way in everyday life,citizens are governed by rules and regulations plus exemplary leadership from their elected leaders. Citizens are obliged and responsible enough to pay their taxes which is deductible from source and its applied fully for growth and development of the society which is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

No one really cares to pray or fast daily. I recall my Afro-British spouse then wondering why we folks new from Africa “The Fresh” tend to attend church regularly and all we end up doing is to backbite, envious, jealous, compare and compete with our friends and acquaintances,checking out the guy who just bought the latest Mercs,SUV’s and any nice automobiles or the guy who is GQ model in Gucci,Prada,Armani & Versace apparels or the ladies in Manolo Blahnik & Christian Louboutin shoes and Birkin bags and straight out of Vanity Fair Magazine. She vowed never to attend church services with me due to all the hypocrisy she cannot stomach at all,truth be told I didn’t understand her stance then because I was also “sucked” into all the nonsense vanities and frivolities then.

Same way with hypocritical stance of our leaders and political elites who

are embezzling public funds,corrupt ridden, extreme poverty foisted on citizens through their insensitive policies and actions, ruining the lives of their subjects and at the end of the day starts and ends each events with prayers to God.

Is African God dead and deaf and totally different to the European or American God. Someone might need to enlighten me more or we all need to reappraise and change our approach in Africa.

Note this is not a post to discourage folks from attending church today or praying and fasting as a form of supplication to our maker.

A friend’s experience, he wrote this.

Just thinking

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