By Hon. Isaiah Osifo


I watched with amusement the visit of the speaker of Edo state House of Assembly and some members to the abandoned Ehor-Ekpoma-Auchi road in Edo state.

I was really surprised, totally a funny attempt by the leadership of Edo state House of Assembly to assume the supervision of the road contract that was not awarded by them.

Attempted intimidation of the site Engineer was characteristic of a government that relies on propaganda to deceive the public.

We cannot continue to adopt thuggery and falsehood as a tool of policy implementation in a Democracy.

The Edo state House of Assembly have the right to visit any part of the state. The House and its leadership equally have the right to visit project sites in any part of the state.The input of the House into the projects,and the feedback the authority that is responsible for the projects is expected to receive cannot be by premature and inexperienced accusations of embezzlement and incompetence on the telivision and pages of Newspaper.

The visit was targeted at a propaganda to tell Edo people that they are working. You cannot accuse a contractor of corruption or suggest incompetence of a contractor when you are not responsible for the award of the contract. You don’t know the content of the contract,the amount of the contract and the percentage of mobilisation so far.

A Honourable House of Assembly ought to know that the site Engineer most probably don’t have the full information of the contract. Even if the site Engineer was aware of the full information of the contract,there is no way such information will be revealed to the House of Assembly by the site Engineer.

Edo State House of Assembly should be sincere in their representatives of Edo people. If they are sincere they should direct their frustration and the frustrations of Edo people in respect of the road to the federal government that awarded the contract, instead of dancing on the high way and intimidating the site Engineer that cannot offer them anything.

After this visit l will be glad to see Edo State House of Assemblly visit to the abandoned storm water project with un-accounted 25 Billion Naira borrowed for the project. They should visit “Five Star” hospital and tell Edo people how much was budgeted for the hospital and the equipment of the hospital that is still under lock and key,almost one year after the commissioning of the hospital by the president that is telling Nigerians that he is fighting corruption.

The claim to Transparency without Accountability is a Fraud.

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