Edo PDP calls on the security agencies to arrest Adams Oshiomhole and Rt. Hon Elizabeth Ativie for their complicity in government missing vehicles. The Chairman, Chief Dan Orbih, likens it to sale of stolen property by the receiver of the stolen property and evokes the sale as defense when asked to return it.


Our attention has been drawn to a recent letter written by Mr. Omoataman clerk of Edo State House of Assembly, dated 16th August, 2017, to Rt. Hon Mrs Elizabeth Ativie requesting her to return official vehicles allocated to her in her former capacity as deputy speaker . To our greatest surprise Hon. Ativie in her response alluded to the fact that the cars in question, one top of the range Lexus jeep 2016, one Prado jeep and 2 Hilux vans were given to her by Adams Oshiomhole as gifts, and have since been sold.


Over the years Edo PDP has condemned the financial recklessness  of the APC government in EDO state, from the unaccounted for N500m monthly security votes to the gifting of government  official vehicles to political associates, thugs and undeserving government officials. Edo people now know better why government has not been able to meet its obligations to provide basic infrastructure and meet the needs of the pensioners, teachers, market women and majority of the citizens of the state.


I challenge Adams Oshiomhole to account for all vehicles purchased with Edo state money from inauguration to the time he vacated office. Unconfirmed records have shown that over 346 vehicles purchased with government money are unaccounted for. For purpose of accountability, the present government should immediately set up an independent judicial panel to examine the present state of government properties.


In the course of our investigation of the missing vehicles in the State House of Assembly, we stumbled on a letter written by Adam Aliu Oshiomhole MNI CON, dated 19 July 2016, ref number OG.5/vol.1/35 addressed to Rt. Hon Elizabeth Ativie , where we found the offensive 2nd paragraph ” given the exceptional circumstances surrounding the issues and in an explicit acknowledgement of the enormous sacrifices you were required to make for the peace, security, stability and wellbeing of our beloved state, the official vehicles attached to the office of the speaker are now personal to you .” Bear in mind that Hon Ativie was speaker for less than 90 days!


It is on the basis of this illegal official authorization that Hon Ativie is now claiming ownership of government vehicles. There is no law that gives Adams Oshiomhole powers to cede away government vehicles under any guise. It is akin to the receiver of stolen property to use sale of the stolen property as defense for not returning the stolen property.


Consequently, we once again invite EFCC and all other security and anti-corruption agencies to arrest immediately without delay, Adams Oshiomhole and Rt. Hon Elizabeth Ativie for their complicity in government missing vehicles.

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