By Jeffery Igbinigie


“You are fully aware of the fact that over sixty percent of your party elders and APC governors, ministers, legislators and public office holders were, up until three or four years ago all elders, leaders and members of the PDP.


If the PDP was so bad, why did you give those that came from PDP such prominent positions and key roles to play at both the state and federal level, during and after the presidential election of 2015”-Femi Fani- Kayode


Above response of Femi Fani-Kayode to Acting President Yemi Osibanjo,over his statement on restructuring agitators is an epic clapback .


Let us be realistic for once, how is it possible that APC will create a new order in the polity,relying on old brigades,many of the political exposed persons belong to that category and truth must be told,most have their hands soiled,with corruption allegations against them regardless of political divide whether APC or PDP.


Current administration APC easily demonize opposition elements in PDP as corrupt but 60% of elected and appointees of current APC administration belonged to PDP in the past,still wrapping my head around that fact.


Ideally,when PMB assumed power,he was expected to start on a fresh slate, recruitment of fresh hands,untainted patriots with unblemished records into his government to champion the crusade of anti corruption,that ought to be a major priority ; Unfortunately, he decided to embrace and recruit the “usual suspects”.


Only an hypocrite will cast aspersions on PDP folks as corrupt and tagged elements belonging to APC as “saints”.


I  get it now, so when you cross from PDP to APC you are not corrupt again. its so refreshing that FFK is the one reminding APC about the unfortunate duplicity and recruitment error of present administration.


I really need to understand the way and manner people are wired in Nigeria and their level of hypocrisy, which can be so annoying in some cases.


Just thinking

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