By Apologun Ganiu Omeiza


Edo state is a very important state in Nigeria because of it’s centralized location as a state connecting the South-West and South-East.The North and the South. The state attracts a great number of road travellers on daily basis most of whom uses the ancient city of Benin as a point of break or rest in the cause of their journey. The story is the same across the state from Okpella to Auchi, to Ekpoma to Benin.The people traveling from the far north to the South east or south south, have all traversed the length of this Edo axis.

Those traveling to the South-West are very much familiar with the Ibillo axis where commuters usually take a rest and eat natural fresh fruits and delicious foods before hitting Ondo state- the gateway to south-west. Those traveling from Ondo and Ekiti to south-east usually travel through the Ibillo, Igarra, Auchi, Ewu and zoom through Agbor enroute Onitsha. The importance of a peaceful and secured Edo state therefore can not be over emphasized.

The security situation in Edo state today calls for urgent attention. The growing number of deranged youth in our society today is unprecedented and this trend must be checked and stopped NOW! There is a very high rate of cultism, internet fraudsters aka Yahoo boys, drug addiction, robbery and kidnapping. This is as a result of total breakdown of law and order first in the immediate family set up and secondly in the society of today. An urgent step must be taken to tackle this menace before the BADOO MASSACRE in Lagos state will befall Edo state.

The greatest danger in the land today is the rate of ritualistic activities being carried out by very young boys and girls in the name of making money via internet crime. The stories of children having carnal affairs with their own mothers abound… some using their girlfriends as a spiritual point of contact with the gods of money that makes “MUGU TO FALL SO THAT MAGA CAN HIT”. So many absurdities including drinking of human blood, chopping off people’s manhood for rituals, using live tortoise as fashion accessories, etc. All these are done in a bid to make quick money. And most unfortunately is that when they eventually make this money as mugu finally fall, they squander it on drinking, partying, drugs, buying cars for themselves and their girlfriends, etc. In a space of a very short time, they are back to their original status. Because of their stint in wealth, they become desperate to HAMMER again and they go to any length to achieve this. Armed robbery, kidnapping, while some hustle and travel to Malaysia, South Africa, Dubai, etc….. some travel to India to trade one of their kidneys for money. It is that bad!!! This generation is doomed IF nothing is done drastically to check mate this evil development.

In all the enumerated problems above, the greatest danger is the unbelievable complicity and synergy between these urchins and the police. These fraudsters are so well protected by the same police officers that should be arresting them. They hang out together at cozy joints to drink, smoke and engage in various forms of immorality. When a thief, a kidnapper, a ritualist and cyber criminals are escorted by the security operatives, then….. The rest of the story is better left untold.

The home is the very foundation of socialization. Once the family and household level is completely debased, the result is a total breakdown in the society. Some people are lesser humans and a little above lower animals while some can best be described as plants except for the ability to speak. When such morally bankrupt persons are allowed the freedom of association and intermingling, they go forth and multiply in their own image and the world becomes more dominated by advance imbeciles who poses grave threat to humanity. Some parents are not fit to be offspring how much more of making offspring. Their failure and irresponsibility has done a great damage to the society today.

How else can one describe a parent who celebrates a child in the campus for buying a car? Some parents even go as far as going to church for thanksgiving….. why will such shameless mothers not open their legs for their own children so long money is involved?
Again, this generation is cursed!!


The government of Edo state need to learn from Yahya Bello of Kogi state in the aspect of tackling security challenges. The Nigerian Police has been completely compromised in the discharge of their responsibility. The governor should make a special security arrangement with the federal government so as to set up a joint special security task force in every local government area of the state most especially in Akoko-Edo LGA. This task force must have in it’s composition, DSS, SARS, Civil Defence, Mopol and Army. The governor should as a matter of urgency give this suggestion a serious consideration. Now that the security situation in Kogi state especially Okene, is beefed up with the recent approval to set up an Army barracks in Okene, the bandits and hoodlums will be migrating to safe havens and Akoko-Edo becomes extremely veritable for them to take refuge. We already have enough security challenges in our hands. If Gov Yahya Bello could achieve it in Kogi state, Godwin Obaseki can achieve it in Edo state. All he requires is the will. And as a man with much celebrated technocrats tag, he should know the importance of security to economic and infrastructural development.

The time to act is NOW! Akoko-Edo is on the brink of hijack by hoodlums and cyber criminals aka Yahoo plus plus!
Gov Godwin Obaseki, kindly take charge and protect your territory and her people.

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